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Thanks to the on-line, double conversion technology achieved entirely with IGBT and DSP, the Tescom DS|PowerHigh series ensures maximum protection and power quality for any type of data processing or industrial load, particularly for ?mission critical? applications, and classified as VFI SS 11.

(Voltage and Frequency Independent) in accordance with IEC EN 62040-3.

This series has been designed using a new configuration that includes an IGBT sinewave input rectifier rather than the more conventional thyristors.

Zero impact source
The DS|PowerHigh version offers the benefits summarised in the Zero Impact Source formula, thanks to the IGBT rectifier, solves all integration problems in systems where the power supply has a limited installed power, where the UPS is also powered by a generator, or where there are compatibility problems with loads that generate harmonic currents,; as a matter of fact, DS|PowerHigh Series has zero impact on the power source, either network or generator:
? less than 3% input current distortion
? Input power factor 0.99
? power walk-in function that ensures a progressive start-up of the rectifier
? start-up delay function, to restart the rectifiers when mains power is restored if there are several UPSs in the system.
In addition, DS|PowerHigh plays a filter and power factor correction role in the power network upstream of the UPS, since it eliminates harmonic components and the reactive power, generated by the powered utilities.

The configuration with the output transformer, a feature of both the DS|PowerHigh Series and conventional series, is characterised by the galvanic isolation of the load and the battery for greater versatility in system configurations.
As a matter of fact it allows for two network inputs (main and emergency) separate, and coming from two different
power sources; this is particularly suited to parallel systems in order to ensure the selectivity between the two sources, thus improving the reliability of the entire installation.

Main features
? High output
? Compact size: only 1.5 m2 a for 400kVA UPS
? Light weight
? Double load protection, both electronic and galvanic, for the battery.

The entire DS|PowerHigh Series is suited for use in the broadest spectrum of applications; thanks to the flexibility of
configuration, accessories and options available, it is suited for powering capacitive loads such as blade servers, etc.
Power supply reliability and availability for critical applications are guaranteed by the parallel distributed or centralised parallel up to 8 units, per redundant (N +1) or power parallel and by all the different configurations.

? Input isolation transformer
? Synchronisation device
? Hot connection device
? Interface for generator
? Closed Loop parallel kit option (Closed loop: to be ordered with the UPS)