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In order to increase overall plant efficiency, the Sirio HV-MT Central inverters do not have an integrated transformer. This feature and the meticulous design make them ideal for use in medium- high power plants connected to a medium voltage grid.

Maximum energy and safety
The Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) research algorithm implemented in the control system of Sirio HV-MT Central inverters allows full use of the photovoltaic generator under any radiation and temperature conditions, making the plant work constantly at maximum efficiency. In the absence of solar radiation the converter goes on standby and resumes normal operation when there is radiation again. This feature reduces self-consumption to a minimum and maximizes energy efficiency. The use of speed-controlled fans helps to optimize the overall efficiency of the inverter. Fan operation that is linked to the temperature also increases the expected lifespan and reduces costs incurred for extraordinary maintenance. All these design features, the careful choice of components and guaranteed quality of production according to ISO 9001 standards make the Sirio three phase inverters extremely efficient and reliable and guarantee maximum energy production.

Advanced communication
The Sirio HV-MT Central series inverters have an intuitive man-machine interface, made up of an integrated display and keyboard with which to control the photovoltaic system?s main parameters and interact with it to control its operation. The display and keyboard facilitate diagnosis and solutions to any operating problems at local level while interaction with the inverter to know the plant?s status and to assess statistics about its operation is possible remotely through most common media (local series link, Local Area Network, GSM, etc.). The communication interfaces and related software are common to the family of TL inverters, which can be referred to for more detailed information.

Easy installation and maintenance
The footprint of these devices has been considerably reduced and there is no need to leave space at the side or back of the equipment since the electronics and power components are fully accessible from the front. Fully automatic operation ensures ease of use and facilitates installation and startup, thus avoiding installation and configuration errors which could lead to failures or reduced plant productivity.

Sirio HV-MT Central inverters conform fully with European safety standards LVD and EMC and with Italian and international regulations regarding parallel connection to the public distribution network.
- Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (89/336/EEC and subsequent amendments 92/31/EEC, 93/68/EEC and 93/97/EEC);
- CEI 11-20 Electrical energy production systems and uninterruptible power supplies connected to I and II class networks;
- CEI 11-20, V1 Electrical energy production systems and uninterruptible power supplies connected to I and II
class networks;-V1

Personalized solutions

TESCOM is able to supply on request Sirio HV-MT Central inverters specific to the client?s needs. Available options include the integrated isolation control and the pole/earth connection kit that is required for back-contact modules.