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Quality power distribution
The range of Sirio TL inverters for photovoltaic plants uses high quality innovative technologies and components, having a large margin compared with normal operating conditions, and reaching a high level of reliability (Mean Time Between Failure > 100.000 hours). These Technologies and components mean that the periodic maintenance of the equipment can be avoided without compromising the operating flexibility of any photovoltaic
system and any electrical grid. Sirio TL inverters integrate protection against input and output overvoltage and are equipped with redundant control and protection devices, especially in the output phase (double relay with double control microprocessor), giving further guarantee of operability and continuity of operation.

High conversion efficiency
In small photovoltaic plants reduction of energy loss during the conversion process is essential. In the search for maximum efficiency to reduce losses, inverters of the Sirio series up to 10kWp are made without transformers and moving parts(*). This construction philosophy allows for the reduction in the footprint and weight of the inverters and increases reliability over time by eliminating the parts subjected to mechanical wear. Thanks to this ?transformerless? technology, Sirio TL inverters guarantee a conversion efficiency up to 97% which is amongst the highest levels in this category.

Easy installation and use
Light, compact and with an attractive design, the Sirio TL series inverters are easy to use and simple to install. An LCD display on the front panel provides a simple and intuitive display of all the main data: power, energy produced and any failures. The display can also Show other parameters such as grid voltage, photovoltaic module voltage and grid frequency.

Reduced noise
The Sirio TL series of photovoltaic inverters have been designed with static electronic devices without the use of rotating components and cooling ventilators, thus reducing noise considerably.

Simple communication
All models in the series have a standard RS232 serial connection (RS485, Mod- BUS and Ethernet optional) enabling all information accessible locally on the display to be available from remote locations.

MppT device
The MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) device ensures the inverter works in such a way as to make the most of the maximum power of the photovoltaic generator as a function of the solar radiation and the temperature of the cells. The MPPT system response times ensures always the maximum power generated by the solar field, regardless of operating conditions.

GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)
Sirio TL series inverters are equipped with an advanced fault-protection circuit that constantly monitors the dispersion of current towards earth. In the event of an earth fault, the inverter is deactivated and the fault is shown by a red LED on the front control pane