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Cyclone CL100D Series UPS are single phase in/single phase out, IGBT rectifier, Intelligent Power Module technology based, high input power factor, low THDI and DSP controlled.



?Transformerless UPS topology
?IPM power module
?High input power factor
?DSP controlled system
?Full digital control
?Tower and rack type options
?PID control system
?Low input current THD value
?High efficiency (up to 93%)
?Cold start function
?Static by-pass system
?Optional maintenance by-pass switch
?Optional split by-pass system
?VAT transfer (voltage adaptive transfer)
?Output overload and short circuit protection
?External REPO input
?128 events (5000 alarms) memory
?Clock, calender and operating hourmeter
?Advanced automatic battery test
?Boost charge system
?Temperature compansated charge system
?RS232 port and dry contact relays
?Easy output voltage and frequency selection
?Optional SNMP adaptor
?2 years warranty
?10 years spare parts support
?Manufactured according to EC Directive; EN62040


Technical Specifications