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Digistart is Control Techniques? flexible soft starter range for motor control and protection in constant-speed applications. The Digistart range combines advanced control features with simple installation and commissioning. Digistart is an integral part of our comprehensive product range designed to meet all your motor control needs.

Soft starters are a simple and economic method of controlling AC motors for fixed-speed applications. Traditional methods of starting motors such as across-the-line (ATL) or wye-delta, result in increased machine wear through rapid acceleration and very high peak currents. Soft starters solve this problem by controlling the acceleration and deceleration phases of operation.

Digistart IS - Advanced Motor Control:
Digistart IS provides industry leading motor control, featuring constant current, current ramp and adaptive control start methods.
Digistart CS - Compact Digital Soft Starter with Motor Protection:
The smartest Digistart CS series sets up with simple potentiometer adjustments. With the smallest foot prints available and a built-in bypass contactor it is ideal for MCC applications.