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Control Techniques servo products deliver high performance combined with maximum flexibility. The drives can connect to a wide range of motion controllers through I/O or dedicated communication networks such as SERCOS and EtherCAT. Alternatively, these drives can use their integrated motion controller to take control of the automation system.

To optimize performance, Control Techniques servo drives and motors are segmented by the duty required for the application.


  • Pulse Duty - High dynamic applications requiring hard accelerations and decelerations. Examples include pick-and-place, flying shear and other cut-to-length machines. These applications are charachterized by high peak (e.g. 300% overload) and moderate RMS torque.
  • Continuous Duty - High precision over an extended duration requiring lower acceleration and deceleration rates. Examples include printing and winding and labelling. These applications are charachterized by moderate peak and high RMS torque.

Digitax ST - 230V and 460V Pulse Duty Servo Drives Systems:
Digitax ST is a high dynamic servo drive range, matched to Unimotor hd motors for pulse duty applications.
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Epsilon EP - Compact 1.5 Axis Servo Drive (2.2 - 16.0 A rms):
Epsilon EP is a compact, easy-to-use servo drive, scalable from a simple amplifier to a completely programmable 1.5-axis motion controller.
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Unidrive SP (Servo modunda) - Sürekli 230V & 460V Servo Sürücü Sistemleri:
Unidrive SP, Unimotor fm motorlar ile eşleştirilebilen sürekli çalışma yüklü uygulamalar için kullanılabilen esnek, yüksek performans servo sürücüsü

MDS - Multi Axis Modular Drive System (4.0 - 34.0 A rms):
Compact common bus solution for up to 8 servo axes with scalable motion control functionality using FM function modules.
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